Thursday, September 4, 2014

Christmas in September!

At last, the delayed sea shipment arrived and we began the process of putting together our new home. It's interesting to think the same container traveled more than 4200 miles from our driveway in Wisconsin, through customs in Belguim, to our quiet street in Luxembourg City.

At 8am sharp, the rental company arrived to pack up the temporary furniture, bedding and kitchenware we'd been using. Just a few minutes later, the moving company pulled in to unload. Nine fellas firing off rapid-fire questions in French, all with little three-year-old John darting between their legs (the big kids were in school). We were off to the races....

Rental truck loading. Sea shipment unloading
At our request, the crew took everything out of boxes and neatly stacked their contents on the floor, taking the cardboard away at the end of the second day. Then our work began.....and still continues every day almost eight weeks later. We've been extra motivated to feel settled before the new baby girl arrives. Some people (me) might even say it's like "Nesting on Crack."

We're thrilled to have our things and be settling into our new home on rue des Lavandes (Lavender Street).
John napped in his new room right through the commotion

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