Monday, September 1, 2014

Our New Home (Pre-Sea Shipment)

After seeing just five homes during our house-hunting trip in June, we selected a house in Strassen, about five minutes outside of Luxembourg City's historic downtown. It came down to a hard decision between two places -- location (walkable to the kids' school) verses space. With three active kids and another on the way, we decided to go with the larger house that has a bedroom for every child, a guest suite, a playroom and a fabulous yard.

We were thrilled to meet our new Italian neighbors. Monica works in the recruiting office at the International School, and her husband works three weeks of the month in Bahrain; their 5th and 8th graders, Alberto and Emma, are delightful. "Steeeetch," they call out the front door to their dog, Stitch. Our neighbor to the other side is a giant ongoing construction project, which will actually double the population of Strassen (thankfully, no traffic will come through our subdivision). Charlie chose the bedroom that overlooks the site....a little boy's dream. In fact, during an early morning soccer game before Rob left for work, a construction worker tossed the ball back over our hedge.

Our sea shipment will arrive soon (we literally can't wait), but until then, we've been living with rental furniture: two black pleather love seats, a bare bones kitchen arsenal (one 10-inch frying pan, a pot to boil water, and some basic glassware and cutlery), a hammock the owners left us, and a bed for our heads. Not sure exactly what happened, but we only recieved two twin-sized comforters for the five of us, so I bought each of the kids a fleece blanket from IKEA. The kids have been real troopers; we created a makeshift playroom with a roll-able wardrobe and a few books someone donated to the American Women's Club of Luxembourg. We've added a few toys over the month, and after weeks of media silence, we starting running cartoons off of YouTube. But the house is far from silent; It's all wood, stone and tile, and with no rugs or furnishings, the noise level is off the charts (as I mentioned before, we literally can't wait for the sea shipment).

The kids "playroom"on a rented wardrobe
We're renting the house from a wonderful couple who built it to raise their three teenage boys -- he's a Brazilian neurosurgeon and she's German, with a spartan sense of style. The house is ultra modern and has an open floorplan.
I decorated from a floorplan (after converting cm to ft)
There is a lovely path running behind the house, which is lined with apples, pears and mirabelle (a fruit that's brand new to us....a cross between a plum and a Rainier Cherry). It leads to a park, with a brand new playground (in fact, it's still being built) and best of all, a Piste de Petanque -- like bolles that the old men play in the South of France.

Roosters walking distance from our house
There are two ponies near one of our neighborhood playgrounds
Still under construction...

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Ali said...

Meg, I absolutely LOVE reading about all of your adventures! It sounds like things are falling into place and that the kids aren't skipping a beat. It truly is amazing how adaptable kids are. We worry and worry as parents, but they just go with the flow! I love being able to keep up with you guys. I look forward to reading more! hugs to all of you!