Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween in Lux

There's a very cute attempt to observe Halloween here. The big stores all sell about three costumes -- vampire, pumpkin, witch -- take your pick. It's pretty hard to find candy in bulk to pass out. And no one really knows what the actual date is, so we got a pair of kids at the door every night leading up to the 31st (we raided the pantry and handed out random biscuits).

The International School had its first-ever Halloween festival in the middle of October before everyone went on Fall Break. The highlight was dangling donuts and fortune telling. Madeline will become a dancer and a scientist; Charlie preferred not to ask the friendly dad/fortune teller a question and cashed in his ticket for a piece of candy instead. John was so darn cute that his photo made the ISL newsletter. 
Fortune telling!
We also went Trick-or-Treating in Bertrange with the American Women's Club. They did a great job of organizing some houses in a nearby neighborhood to pass out candy -- about every tenth house had a balloon on their mailbox, which indicated they were participating.

And finally, on the 31st, we celebrated with our friend's, Meredith and Peter, at their house.

Grammy carried candy corn across the ocean for us!

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