Monday, October 27, 2014

Hot Chocolate with a View of the Palace

The kids' Fall Break from school landed the exact week before my scheduled c-section date, so while the rest of Luxembourg City left on holiday, we stayed close to home and have been enjoying relaxed adventures every day.

One morning, we took Grammy, who arrived a few days earlier, to visit the Grand Ducal Palace, where the Duke and Duchess reside, right smack in the middle of Luxembourg City's pedestrian City Center. Charlie was enamoured with the guards who march back and forth all day long.
The Grand Ducal Palace
Watching the guard
It was a chilly, windy morning, so we popped into The Chocolate House across the street for a very special hot chocolate (they have hundreds of flavors to choose from) and a hot lunch of Gazpacho, quiche, smoked salmon and beet salad.

Hundreds of chocolate flavors on wooden spoons to stir in hot milk
Afterwards, we stopped in a charming toy boutique in Centre Ville so each of the kids could pick a gift out for the new baby. We showed Sandie the Place d'Armes and Place Guillaume -- large squares where farmer's markets,  flea markets and special performances are held. Thankfully, a lucky pigeon survived a surprise attack by John, but not without losing a few feathers. Then we piled back into the car for a lovely rest back home.
Visiting a sweet toy boutique in Centre Ville
Running in Place Guillaume

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