Monday, April 20, 2015

The Vlachs Visit and Nicki Gets Engaged!

We had a lovely visit with the Vlachs for two weeks during the kids' spring break!
Sandie and Tom arrived first, then later that day, Nicki and Mike came to Lux on the train from Paris newly engaged!!!! So the trip started off with a bang and the pop of champagne!
Nicki and Mike met up with Ning and my dad in Paris to celebrate!
Madeline wanted to see Nicki's beautiful engagement ring!
We had a little engagement shoot behind the house.
Tom, Nicki and Mike met Elizabeth for the first fun!
"Nice to meet you, Aunt Nicki!"
We packed a lot of fun into those days, mixing sight-seeing with relaxing at home. One day, we went to Luxembourg's Bock Casemates, a 17 km system of tunnels carved into the rock that is part of Luxembourg's fortified castle, which dates back to 963. We also visited the American Military Cemetery, where General Patton is buried, as well as the Pirate playground, Centre Ville, the palace, and Vianden Castle. We also had some fun lunches in town with Rob, and one beautiful evening, we had a picnic dinner at Merl Parc and fed the ducks. Back at home, the kids were delighted to have Mr. Mike help them build robots, Grandpa to play baseball, and Grammy to tie dye! Everyone came bearing gifts, and the kids were in heaven with all their new activities! And the greatest gift of all was the epic date that Tom and Sandie sent us on!
The casemates
The kids loved showing grandpa their rooms
Bitsy says, "Hey, I remember you! You're my grandma!"
Mr. Mike rode the train with the kids!

Grammy painted another apple to represent Bitsy!
Lunch at the Chocolate House, across from the Palace
Mmmm. We found a gourmet burger joint!
Pirate playground
Vianden Castle, a point of pride for Luxembourg
Feeding the ducks. Spring at last!

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