Sunday, May 3, 2015

Bitsy's Six Months Old

The last six months with sweet Elizabeth have been some of the happiest of our lives. At last, I see every face at my breakfast table, and when I picture our family in the future -- riding in hot air balloons, hiking the grand canyon, coming home during college breaks with friends and significant others -- everyone is there. The love growing between my children makes my eyes sting with tears as I write.
Every day with Bitsy in our family becomes more and more fun. She is dreamy. Happy, dimpled, grinning and deliciously squishy....adored. Her little rolls, full cheeks, and pads of soft baby fat that squeeze out of the top of her shoes make her irresistible. None of us can stop kissing her. She doesn't seem to mind being smothered. We are captivated. I've said this before, but it's profound to me that I would lay down my life for someone who I've only known for a few months and who can't even talk, but who can communicate directly to my soul.
Twice, Bitsy's rolled over from her back to her stomach. Though no one's caught her in the act yet, we love watching her try! She's opens her mouth in anticipation of different fruits and vegetables, but is still learning how to use her tongue, so she mostly thrusts bananas and avocados right back out onto her bib. She babbles, squeals and chews on her Sophie giraffe and accidentally gags herself stuffing her fingers in her mouth. Her clothes are saturated with drool; no doubt there are some teeth coming soon. Soon she'll be sitting up.
I feel blissfully relaxed. We are blessed that she's healthy, and so there's nothing to worry about. She'll sleep through the night eventually. She'll eat her solids. She'll do everything she needs to do in her time. When she resisted the bottle, I stopped trying and put the breast pump away. Who cares? I love nursing her, and I don't mind being tethered. Time is passing at warp speed, so I'm soaking her up.

We all are.

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