Tuesday, June 9, 2015

John John's 4th Birthday!

John is four!!!

To celebrate, we invited his little friends and their families over for a baseball-themed birthday party. Since baseball is an all-American sport that isn't played or even watched in Western Europe it was interesting to plan -- you can't run to the store for Big League Chew or a baseball piƱata, but it's what John wanted, and we had fun getting creative. We served peanuts, hot dogs, filled up the kiddie pool in the backyard (it was actually HOT and sunny in the normally grey and cool Luxembourg), and made a baseball birthday cake. John had a blast!
Backyard baseball!
Lots of trampoline jumping, for sure!
Neighbor friend Alberto gave John goalie gloves!
LOVE this little dude.
We had to pause "Pour Some Sugar on Me" for candle blowing

Rob was the grill master
All kids recieved baseball hats. John loved the pink ones!
On his real birthday a few days later, we put candles in his breakfast eggs! When I asked what he wanted for his birthday dinner, he answered, "Ants on a log, carrot soup, strawberries and almond cake." And so that's exactly what he got!
Birthday eggs!
Making carrot soup....John's request!
Mmmm. Ants on a log.....
John's birthday dinner is served!!!
Afterward, we all ran up to his bedroom for a surprise -- the floor was filled with birthday balloons and his crib had been transformed into a Big Boy Bed! Rob came home early from work and quietly made the conversion. I loved listening to all three kids cuddle up on his tiny little bed and talk about how it was "very good quality."
Crib no more!
Madeline knitted John's beloved Sleepy Bear a scarf
John John. Sigh. He's the funniest, spunkiest little firecracker I've ever known. We love everything about him! His exaggerated smile. His little front teeth that stick out ever-so-slightly from sucking on blankee (and later on Sleepy Bear after blankee was packed up on the sea-crate for two months). His fearlessness. The way he introduces himself by saying, "I'm John Thomas Vlach!!" The way he idolizes his older siblings and wants to do everything they do.

Happy birthday little guy! Four's gonna be a great year.

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