Friday, June 26, 2015

A Successful First School Year at ISL

First Day of Grade 2 and K2
Last Day of Grade 2 and K2
This year flew by! I was so proud of the way Madeline and Charlie quickly adapted to the International School of Luxembourg, which is as large as some college campuses and has students from 40 different countries. Every morning, John, Bitsy and I waved at the front window as Rob took them to school.

Over the course of her second grade year, Madeline joined Fitness Club and Jump Rope Club after school. She had Mrs. Rakochy for a teacher and made some terrific friends. On one of the last days of school, she came bursting out of the doors wearing a best friend necklace, a gift from Ofir, who did not speak a single word of English (only French) at the beginning of the year.
Fitness Club
Mimi and Mrs. Rakochy during their Roman studies
Charlie had Mrs. Hones and Mrs. Geier for K2. At the beginning of the year, he wanted to stay home with me -- it was a giant leap to all day kindergarten after two-hour mornings in Whitefish Bay. But he adjusted and then soared. He calls everyone his best friend and reads very well now. He participated in "Soccer Soccer" in the fall and spring and has really developed some soccer (or football, as they say here) skills. This was the year of Sports Clothes.
Charlie's Christmas Program
He drew Rob dipping me in the early weeks of school
Both kids took French lessons four days a week and in the spring, they began piano lessons at our house with Miss Danielle. It's so fun to watch them learn.

So we did it. Year One under our belts.

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