Thursday, December 17, 2015

Andi and Kyle Visit for Christmas!

It meant the absolute WORLD to us that Andi and Kyle flew to Luxembourg to celebrate an early Christmas. My dad and Ning took care of two-year-old Ben back in South Bend, IN, so they could sneak away for five days.

And what a festive and relaxed visit we had -- it was perfect. We popped over Luxembourg's Christmas market several times, ice skated in Place Guillaume, warmed up with hot cocoa and soup at the Chocolate House and had awesome foosball tournaments. One day, we tried to drive over to Belgium, but Bitsy wasn't a happy camper. So we pulled a U-turn at the IKEA exit (about 5 minutes over the border) and headed back home for a divine afternoon nap. On Andi and Kyle's last night with us, we ate homemade spaghetti and meatballs, and exchanged gifts.

We love you guys so much. YOU were the best Christmas gift we could ever hope for!

We went ice skating one day after school.
Hot cocoa at the Chocolate House after skating
A delicious afternoon.
John was so excited about the gift Madeline gave him.

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