Sunday, January 20, 2008

Happy Birthday, Tara!

This weekend, we went to St. Louis for Tara's surprise 30th birthday party with Erin, Erik and their adorable daughter, seven-month-old Cassidy. To break up the drive, Erin and Erik stayed in Peoria with us Friday night and then we caravanned down the next day. What a fun weekend! There was lots of You Tube (Star Wars Kid), Arrested Development (Rob says funnier than Sienfeld and he stands by it), computer tinkering (Erik helped Rob set up our Mac) and baby talk (bibs, diapers, sleep patterns -- okay...that was Erin and me). 

It's wonderful to entertain 1. best friends (they don't care if every thing is perfect and are willing to shower in the basement bathroom...) 2. best friends who also have a baby (and therefore understand nap schedules and nursing) and 3. best friends with a baby who know how quirky and loud our 100-year-old house is. 

Steve, Tara's husband, organized a fabulous party at Cafe Napoli in Clayton -- it was elegant but casual, which makes things easier with the babies. We had so much fun visiting with Tara, Steve and their beautiful daughter, Ella, who is 6 1/2 months old. Of course, all the guests packed into a dark room and yelled surprise when Tara walked in. Besides trying to nurse on a bathroom toilet and Madeline's short-lived melt-down when we walked in the door, it was the perfect night. We got home at 11pm -- it was the first time we've transferred Madeline from the car to her bed, and all things considered, it was pretty easy. This morning, Rob made the most delicious breakfast -- inch-thick banana, pecan and chocolate chip pancake! 

The best part is Rob has Monday off of work for Martin Luther King day. He also came in the door from work Friday night with a dozen gorgeous yellow roses for Madeline and me (he calls us "his girls"). It's the perfect start and end of a great weekend!

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