Friday, January 11, 2008

It's a Friday Night Smackdown!

Yesterday, Madeline and I met two girlfriends for lunch, and while we were waiting, a nice man came over to chat with Madeline. "You're cute," he said. "What's your name?" Before I could reply on her behalf, Madeline looked the poor guy in the eye and said, "Dada!"

So Madeline has a new move -- it's her World Wrestling Federation Smackdown. She sets her sights on something she wants (whether it be her oinking stuffed pig, her singing ABC dog, or Maple, as it most often is), and then she launches her tiny body forward and pins her target like she's a heavyweight champaign. Her favorite time to do this is during the "Where's Dada" game. Rob hides under a blanket and she hurls herself at his head. I played "Where's Mommy" last night, and climbed into her crib to hide, like I've seen Rob do several times. Unfortunately, when I tried to hop out, I didn't quite clear the rail; it was like falling on the bar of your bike when you were a kid. Ouch.

Madeline's also beginning to stand on her own! No first steps yet though. And, slightly less exciting, she has also discovered that it's fun to bite. Rob and I joked she's like a little wild animal -- so cute and cuddly, but then every once in awhile, she'll sink her new, sharp teeth into your arm. Watch out. She goes for fingers too...

This age is so much fun! Madeline can entertain herself for longer and longer periods of time, and our play is interactive. It's wonderful to be able to buy myself ten extra minutes to make coffee and slurp down my Special K just by opening the Tupperware drawer (by the way, is there some universal law that everyone sticks their Tupperware in the bottom drawer?). Plus, I think I actually enjoy some of her toys just as much as she does. But the most fun part is seeing her personality explode -- Madeline is really a joy to be around! 

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