Friday, July 17, 2009

Madeline Goes to a Puppet Show

This morning, we went with friends to watch Cinderella, performed weekly by marionette puppets at the Nashville Public Library. The shows have been a tradition for 60 years at the gorgeous downtown building. Madeline dressed up like Cinderella going to the ball, wearing a tulle and silk dress Ning sent her. I've never seen anything capture Madeline's attention the way the show did -- she was entranced, eyes big and never once straying from the stage throughout the 40 minute performance. I was as enchanted as she was. We watched the puppeteers (dressed all in black) move the handmade puppets from above the child-sized stage, just like in The Sound of Music. A disco ball made the room glitter when the Fairy Godmother did her magic, stars appeared on the ceiling when the clock struck midnight, and a pumpkin glowed orange and burst into a carriage and horses. During scene changes, Madeline would say, "Where's Cinderella?" in a perplexed voice. Elmo seemed to enjoy the show as much as she did. Charlie was quiet as a mouse.

Afterwards, all nine of us (three moms with two kids each) had lunch at the California Pizza Kitchen. It was such a fun outing! We can't wait for the next production.


Chelsea said...

Isn't that library fantastic? We would occasionally make the trek downtown for story time because the theatre is so beautiful and it's such a big production compared to the library story time in the 'burbs. What a fun "big girl" outing for Madeline!

The Brown Family said...

How FUN! Sounds magical! Love her adorable dress.