Friday, June 3, 2011

Happy Birthday to Moi!

I had a wonderful 33rd birthday!

It was a celebration that lasted all week. Saturday morning, Madeline woke me in a stage whisper saying, "Mommy, we're letting you sleep in since it's your birthday!" It was so cute I couldn't wait to get out of bed. Rob made french toast, which I ate sitting beside the gorgeous roses my adorable family gave me. Even now, a week later, Charlie tells me happy birthday several times throughout the day, and even sings his version of the song.

We had a blast that evening with a small group of friends at Arrington Vineyard near our house. I was having so much fun, I didn't even mind that I couldn't actually drink the wine. My friend Jaime arrived with the most gorgeous birthday cake!

On my actual birthday, the kids and I drove in to meet Rob for an Indian buffet. When Ning got wind of our plans, she insisted on treating! Sidenote: I love how whenever we go for Indian, Madeline, and now Charlie, both always ask for "more chicken on a bone please" (tandoori chicken) like little carnivorous animals in their angelic baby voices.

And my Aunt Arlene treated me to a lovely picnic at Cheekwood, Nashville's botanical gardens. We ate a delicate lunch on linens and even blew out birthday candles. The kids loved the incredible outdoor train exhibit going on this summer, but had just as much fun chasing lizards, dangling their feet in the fountains and running the wooded trails. I considered the marathon nap they took that day a birthday present in itself. 

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Chelsea said...

Oh my gosh, I seriously wish you had been pregnant before me so I could have "inherited" your wardrobe. :) You always look darling, like you have stepped right out of a maternity boutique ad! My style icon!