Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Special Memorial Weekend Sister Visit!

Over Memorial Day weekend, our dear friend Matt Pawlak married his lovely fiance, Suzie, in downtown Chicago. Rob was honored to stand up in their wedding. I was thrilled for the happy couple too, but was unable to travel at this late-late-late stage in my pregnancy and felt heartbroken, writing Matt and Suzie a sad little letter months ago explaining my absence.

Then my sisters did the most amazing thing. They both traveled from Denver and St. Louis to keep me company, help me with the kids and act as insurance in case I started labor. And we did so much more than that! I've said it before, but if I could choose two people to be my sisters and best friends, it would be Mollie and Andi!

Within an hour of arriving, they whipped out a surprise birthday party/ baby shower extravaganza. They had balloons, gifts, cheesecake and a cookie-decorating set up for the kids. We celebrated my birthday, my mom's birthday (which follows mine by a day) and the new baby's upcoming birth day too! Fabulous!

They also helped me decorate the kids' new big kid rooms (more on that soon), talk through decisions weighing on my mind and calm the manic nesting phase I'm in. And we had lots of fun girl time when Rob was back in town and we could pop out to Franklin for lunch and shopping. Madeline and Charlie were in heaven playing in the imaginary pillow lands my sisters' created; Mollie and Andi were like human jungle gyms.

It was a great weekend!

Andi made a special monogrammed blanket for all three children!

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Chelsea said...

What a perfect celebration weekend! What great sisters you have! You look so cute with your big belly and fabulous jewels. Always stylin', even at 9 months pregnant! Can't wait to hear your news. Won't be long now... Maybe it's even happening now?? Thinking of you...