Friday, September 2, 2011

Hair Cuts!

This morning, Madeline and Charlie had their first-ever professional haircuts at a kiddie salon. I've been taking swipes with scissors after their baths for the last couple of years, begging my sisters to swear they'll tell me if either one ever has a mullet. Then of course there was the haircut that Madeline gave herself a last Christmas. But at 4 1/2 and 2 1/2 years old, I figured it was officially time to put their soft baby curls in someone else's hands.

What a riot. Charlie held perfectly still -- like he was frozen by a stun gun -- while the girl snapped a penguin smock around his neck and drenched his fine blond hair with a squirt bottle. Then he got really into an Elmo toy camera he found and seemed to forget he was even getting his hair cut.

Madeline was so excited and felt so special -- I told her it was her Going-to-School hair cut! She politely asked her girl not to cut off any of her curls. As a four year old, she graduated from the Princess cut to the Diva and got the whole nine yards -- a hair washing with her head tipped back in the basin, glitter spray (only after they put "product" in her hair, which sort of made me chuckle because, c'mon...she's four! Product?) and a sparkly pink star on her cheek.

Both kids left happy with lollipops in hand!


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SO cute!!! Love the photos! Gavin gets product too. ;)