Thursday, September 8, 2011

The things they say!

Every day, the kids say something that takes me by surprise and makes me laugh out loud. I always think I'll remember, and of course it slips from my memory before I can even tell Rob. So this week, I wrote their quotes down the second they said them. Here are a few:
  • Madeline, through peels of laughter after she and Charlie discover they can touch tongues: "It's like our tongues are high-fiving!"
  • Charlie, eating mandarin oranges: "This is 'tastic! It smells like fun!"
  • Madeline: "How did God make us? Did he use a sewing machine or glue? And how did he get our heads on our bodies?"(As she tried to detach hers from her neck)
  • Charlie was playing with a talking Elmo doll and was absolutely delighted because he was certain the recording said "Hi Charlie!"
  • Charlie, casually observing while I nurse: "Hey! You've got two of those milks!"
  • Madeline (being totally serious): "Johnny's diaper looks kind of full. Maybe he did a big load." (Nice Rob! I can't take credit for this one)
  • Charlie was playing with trucks in the bathroom while I put on my make up one morning. (I thought Rob would appreciate the truck bit, judging by what's coming next.) He asked me to see my eyes, so I bent down and showed him my sparkly eyelids and mascara. "Stylish."
  • Charlie loves the cartoon Diego, Dora's animal-saving cousin. He saw some leopard underwear in a laundry basket and excitedly shouted "Baby Jaguar!"(Diego's sidekick on the show).


Johanna said...

love it! I need to do this too.

The Brown Family said...

Love these! We should all keep notes. We've had a jaguar moment or two around here as well, so funny.quileu Funny little people.