Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Charlie's First Day of Preschool!

He was so excited!! Can you tell?
This morning was Charlie's first day of three-year-old preschool! Or maybe I should say it was Spiderman's first day since he was wearing his Spidey costume (with built in muscles), Spidey Big Boy underwear and his brand new Spiderman backpack. He was ready.

And he loved it. I mean he actually used those words! To ease the kids into their first preschool experience, a parent attended for an abbreviated morning and Charlie wanted his daddy to come with him! So Rob sat in circle time, clapping his hands and singing songs with all the other three-year-olds and their moms. He said that Charlie had a blast and even remembered his "please" and "thank yous." Charlie just couldn't believe there was a firetruck, an ambulance and a police car to play with -- "I'm serious, Mom" he told me later over lunch. John and I surprised him by attending the last few minutes of class. I got to see him give one of his teachers a huge hug goodbye when it was time to go.

We started the day with a Charlie's-Going-To-School party -- we thought donuts and hot cocoa would blow his mind, so we were a bit surprised when he choose Greek yogurt and granola at Starbucks, declining his all time favorite drink. But we stuffed a donut in him later after we dropped Madeline off at school and had some time before his day began.

He already can't wait until Thursday to go by himself. How did my little boy get so big? I felt pride with a touch of heartache as I watched him walk all the way down the street with Rob on his way to school. He'll only be gone for two hours twice a week. And I'm not ready to share him a second more... 
Walking to school with Rob!

He was so careful to throw his snack plate away
Donuts for the big boy!
First day of preschool!!!

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Johanna said...

LOVE and adore that he wore that to the first day of preschool!!!! It doesn't get better than that kid!