Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Honoring Our Firefighters on 9/11

Yesterday, on September 11, I talked to the kids about real life superheros. Police officers, our American soldiers and firefighters.

So we whipped up a batch of Ghirardelli brownies and walked over to the fire station.

When the door opened, Charlie invited himself right on in, loudly (and passionately, as Charlie does everything) explaining that we made the fire fighters cookies. Then, after I gently reminded him by whispering in his ear what we practiced on the walk to the station, he said, "Thank you for being our heros!"

The kids all got to sit in the firetruck and watched an ambulance pull into the garage.  The firefighters couldn't have been more kind, inviting or gracious; we thanked them genuinely for their service. And they invited the kids back anytime, saying that they missed their families while they were at work.
John laughed right after this picture was taken.

Madeline was shy but so excited!!!

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