Thursday, September 6, 2012

Very Special Visits!!

This summer, we had special visits from both my sisters and their husbands -- it's ridiculous how much fun we all have together.

Mollie and Kenny came to Milwaukee in late June -- we loved having fun dinners downtown with my dad and Ning, showing them around our little village, going to the beach and staying up way too late laughing. Rob and Kenny went on a brewery tour, especially fun since Kenny works for Oskar Blues Brewery in Boulder, CO. The kids climbed all over Kenny like he was specifically put on Earth for their personal entertainment.

Then mid August, Andi and Kyle came to visit and we had that much fun all over again! We took a pedicab from my dad and Ning's apartment downtown to a wonderful french restaurant, La Coquette, in Milwaukee's historic 3th ward. Then Andi, Kyle, Rob and I went to Irish Fest at the festival grounds where Summerfest takes place. When it was time for them to leave, Madeline wouldn't let them go; I had to gently pry her skinny little arms loose.

Having Mollie, Kenny, Andi and Kyle travel so far to visit was an absolute, hand-down high point of our summer!

Pedicab to dinner!
The kids adore their aunt and uncles!
John has learned to ham it up for the camera
At my dad and Ning's apartment overlooking Lake Michigan

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Mollie said...

What an amazing weekend! Absolutely perfect! Wish I could have been there again when Andi and Kyle came!