Monday, November 3, 2014

Introducing Elizabeth Marion

Sweet Elizabeth is here....and we're all in heaven. She is lovely, peaceful and easy....she makes the tiniest little sounds, and is so absolutely feminine. I just glanced at her photo as I was writing and I had to stop and sigh. I am so completely head over heels in love it's ridiculous. She truly is a dream come true.

Born November 3, 2014
7 lbs., 3 oz (3,330 grams)
19 1/3 inches (49 cm)

The promise of our fourth child was Rob's ten-year wedding anniversary gift to me. Madeline, Charlie and John adore her. If she makes a peep, they rush over to gently bounce her chair or try to give her a pacifier. They often insist on holding her before they'll go to bed.

It's an incredible feeling to know our family is now complete. Sometimes I still can't believe that she's actually here, after such a long wait.

Welcome to the world, Elizabeth! We love you so much!!!

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