Monday, November 17, 2014

Life With Four: A Win-Win

We're figuring out "Life with Four."

With my hands full literally and figuratively, we've started some new routines that are really taking off. Together we created a chart that reminds Madeline and Charlie of everything they need to do to get ready for school, which has dramatically cut down on nagging and reminders. Our mornings are smooth and calm; Charlie makes his own lunch and Madeline packs her snacks, and everyone's on time. Most importantly, this has allowed us to sit down to a family breakfast every morning at 7:15am, which is our new "family dinner" now that Rob's hours are longer.

The morning chart

We also have a Family Meeting every Sunday, which begins with lollipops and a drum roll, and ends with allowance, so the kids love it! And it allows Rob and I to talk about the coming week and what we're going to focus on as a family. After lots of starts and stops, we've re-instituted chores and allowance. They're connecting the jobs they do around the house with fun things they can buy themselves, so the motivation is in place. They're making their beds, setting the table and taking out the garbage, often without me even asking.

Life with four kids is a heftier workload for sure, but I look at it as a promotion. And the routine changes that are helping us manage the increased workload are spreading responsibility that needed to happen regardless. It's a win-win!

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