Thursday, September 6, 2007

Mollie Visits From Denver!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day! We were thrilled to have my sister, Mollie, visit from Denver. My two sisters and I have SO MUCH FUN every time we get together. Somehow, we always revert back at least a decade-and-a-half in maturity. For example, Miss Mollie and I were wildly daring each other to do silly and embarrassing things in Target ("I dare you to wear this hair band on your neck....I dare you to do a cartwheel...I dare you to walk around the store like this..."). Sure enough, it wasn't long before a Target employee reprimanded Mollie at the tail end of our kickball game back in Lawn and Garden! And as the older sister, did I act my age and take responsibility too? Not quite. I listened to her explain that no, she's not going to buy the ball as I pretended to be engrossed in an Illinois tailgating display five feet away, trying to keep my shoulders from shaking too much with laughter.

On a more mature note, we had a family prayer service for my mom at Springdale Cemetery, where we buried her. Springdale is 150 years old and stretches over 230 acres of rolling hills and valleys; my mom's spot overlooks the Illinois River under a giant Oak. Later that afternoon, we did what any good daughter would do to remember our mom....we got pedicures and went shopping!

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