Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Starved Rock, Here We Come!

This weekend, Rob and I rented a cabin at Starved Rock for two nights and took our first weekend away from Miss Madeline. The Vlach family swooped in to help; Rob's parents took great care of Madeline and Rob's sister, Nicki, came to Peoria to watch Maple.

So I admit -- I got a little teary-eyed saying good-bye. Madeline and I are serious buds, after all -- we hang out every single day! But at the same time, Rob and I have been looking forward to this special time away and it was fabulous! FABULOUS! The park and trails are beautiful....but to tell you the truth, mostly we just sat around reading (Harry Potter!) and sipping wine. We took a vacation from all responsibility; in fact, we even took a vacation from taking pictures!

Thankfully, Grammy and Grandpa had the camera out! Madeline watched the Bears game in her very own hat, just like Grandpa Tom, who wouldn't dream of watching his team without wearing his Bears cap. When we came to pick up Madeline, she was wearing a Cub's uniform like she was in the starting line up!

In other exciting news, Madeline is now eating rice cereal (well, at least that's exciting to me!). At first, she would grab the spoon out of our hands, shove it in her mouth like she hadn't eaten in years, and then wrinkle her nose and spit out the mushy contents in disgust...before starting the whole process over like a glutton for punishment. Now, only a few days later, she seems to actually enjoy the taste! Oh honey....if you like this flavorless mush, just wait till you get to the good stuff! Filet mignon, Wrigley Field hot dogs, cheesecake...

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