Thursday, April 18, 2013

Introducing Evelyn Mae Jackson!

Evelyn Mae Jackson is finally here! We are overjoyed for the proud parents, my sister, Mollie, and brother-in-law, Kenny! Evelyn was born Sunday night, April 14th at 10pm; she was 6 lbs 9 oz and 19 inches long. She is so beautiful. Just breathtaking. And she's thriving -- she had already gained an ounce over her birth weight at her first check up. Mollie and Kenny are absolute naturals, like they've been handling a newborn on no sleep for ages rather than just three days.

Andrea hopped on the first plane to Denver the second we learned Mollie was in labor; between her and Kenny, we have felt so connected to Evelyn, like we're right there with her. We've seen heart-melting videos of Mollie and Kenny comforting her little cries and of sweet little Evelyn sucking her thumb! She came pretty close to being an Annabel; it was so exciting as we all waited to find out what her beautiful name would be. Evelyn, because it's lovely, just like her. And Mae, to honor our mom, Bonnie May.

We're absolutely in love! Rob and I are an aunt and uncle for the first time. And Madeline, Charlie and John have their very first cousin! "What's a cousin?," asks Charlie time and time again. John wants to "see the baby." And Madeline has about a million questions.

I'll fly out to Denver in May -- I can hardly wait to hold Evelyn, smell her, change her, give her bottles and watch her grow during our lifetime. Congratulations, Mollie and Kenny!

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