Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sledding with Gramps: A Geneva Weekend

During a four day break from school last month, we visited with Rob's family in Geneva, IL. Within 30 minutes of pulling into their driveway, we were all bundled up and back out the door with Tom, also know as Grandpa around here. Friday is his day off from Sunshine Lighting, the business he and Sandie own, and he planned such a fun afternoon for the kids and me!

We drove a few minutes to the park where he used to take Rob and Nicki sledding when they were kids! It was so fun zipping down the hill on their childhood toboggan; Madeline, Charlie and even John were totally fearless! Mimi found the only mogul and flew over it at least 20 times.

The rest of the weekend was wonderful. We celebrated Madeline and Charlie's February and March birthdays with cake and presents! Charlie has barely gotten off his two wheel bike since (well, expect for a little trip to the Emergency Room), and Madeline is signed up for tennis lessons this summer with her new Serena Williams racquet.

Rob and I also went out for a really fun dinner with our dear friends, the Martens and Pattersons! And on my drive back to Milwaukee, the kids and I spent the afternoon visiting with Buffy and her darling kids in Rockford!

We fit a lot in four days!

Pile Up!
Buffy and I have been friends for almost two decades!

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