Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Seersucker Heaven

Not long ago, my friend, Lucy, invited me to go to the Florence Eiseman warehouse sale with her in downtown Milwaukee. Before we moved to Whitefish Bay, I'd never heard of Florence Eiseman, but now I'd recognize her signature children's clothes anywhere! Seersucker, seersucker, seersucker. And if that's not preppy enough, throw in some embroidered tennis racquets and cherry appliqu├ęs. They sell through Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus, which explains why I wasn't familiar with the line, since it isn't carried at Target. Baby Gap is pretty fancy to me.

I love this story. Florence learned how to sew clothes for her two sons out of her house right up the street from where we live. When she needed to supplement her family's income, her husband brought a few of her things to Marshall Fields, which were immediately snapped up, and her business was born in the 1950's. Now, twice a year, her company opens their warehouse doors, selling things at dramatically reduced prices (though still a bit of a splurge!) for two days.

When Lucy, our boys and I arrived, the line of moms and strollers was already almost out the door to catch the elevator up to the third floor. We ended up running into half the mothers in Madeline and Charlie's school classes. I took home a darling seersucker piece for each child -- a sundress for Madeline, and embroidered shorts for each of the boys. If they'd had something in my size, I would have bought it in two seconds. Afterwards, we met up with another girlfriend and had lunch at the fabulous Cafe Benelux. What a fun day!

The line formed early....
Charlie and George are great buddies!

Lucy and I have a playgroup together every Wednesday.

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