Monday, December 1, 2014

And One Month Passed Quickly By.....

How quickly four weeks has flown by. Madeline, Charlie and John love Elizabeth so much. They hug and kiss her just about every chance they get. Sometimes she's fast asleep and their affection clobbers her awake, but I love watching that relationship develop, and I try not to stop them.

Going back a little, I checked into the hospital for my c-section the night before my surgery. Rob and I rang the doorbell in a darkened hallway....the beginning of my "hospital adventure." Everything from that moment on felt different and foreign, layered with the additional challenge of a French-speaking hospital staff. There were lots of little surprises along the way too. For example, I didn't know I was supposed to pack all my own towels and baby blankets. Or that I was only allotted one bottle of water a day; after that, you need to head down to the vending machine. Not understanding the process, I checked out of the hospital without a prescription for pain medication (that was a very uncomfortable 24 hours). But my doctor and the anesthesiologist were top notch, and there is nothing in the world like the first sound of your child's voice. And on a lighter note, the hospital food was really quite fabulous -- hot gourmet lunches; cold, simple dinners. How very European. All in all, I had an excellent experience. Most importantly, Elizabeth was healthy and in my arms -- and absolutely nothing else mattered.

Waiting to go in for surgery!
She's HERE!!! Elizabeth Marion!

Madeline, Charlie and John visited me every day -- Rob ran around, managing the home-front with Sandie, Rob's mom. We were so fortunate to have her here with us for almost six weeks. I never touched the laundry or prepared a meal -- she kept our home running like a well-oiled machine while I recovered from surgery and figured out our new life.
Bringing her home
And now Elizabeth is already four weeks old. She has gone to two playdates, attended Caterpillar Financial's elegant holiday dinner party and a friend's Christmas soiree, visited downtown Luxembourg's Christmas Market twice, watched her first snowfall at 2am, had two check ups at the pediatrician's office, and cheered on Charlie during his holiday performance at school.

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