Thursday, August 23, 2007

Ellie and Madeline: Friends Forever

My good friend, Buffy, and her adorable little one, Ellie, spent Friday morning at our house, which was so fun! Buffy showed up with Starbucks right before the girls each went down for their morning nap, so we got to have some uninterrupted "grown up" time. The girls are only 11 weeks apart in age -- it's amazing to see how much they change and grow in that tiny span of time. Then on Sunday, we had a great time catching up with our friends from Evanston, Katie and Steve -- they stopped through Peoria heading north from St. Louis.

As September approaches, I start getting really excited about fall, my favorite season of the year. There are so many things to love -- the changing leaves, that fall smell, wearing a sweater when the air gets cool, going apple picking, celebrating our wedding anniversary (four years next month!), going to Illini football games....and of course, Halloween! We are trying to figure out how to throw our annual costume party with a sleeping baby upstairs. Regardless, Miss Madeline will need a fabulous costume for trick-or-treating. So far, the front runner is a baby-sized monkey suit.

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