Wednesday, August 29, 2007

You Want Me To Put That Where?

Madeline is sitting up by herself! She's been working at it for the last few weeks. And she's also rolling over! Watching her squirm and build momentum until that pivotal moment when her little legs and body finally hurtle over is like watching a fish flop around on my grandpa's dock. The best part is that she completely surprises herself every time she succeeds and lands on her tummy.

She woke up this morning with a cold. If anyone else made the same dry cough, I would think they were probably faking -- it's so little and delicate. The poor thing has snot that drips and puddles above her top lip until I grab the nearest thing to stop it from sliding into her mouth. Sorry - I know that was gross. Okay, and let's talk about checking for fevers, which thankfully, she does not have. The truest way to take a baby's temperature is rectally. It was initially horrifying, but now we just get it done and Madeline keeps playing with her stuffed turtle or her toes totally unaware of what is happening to her. All I can say is "Sorry, Madeline. The doctor said I had to."

We are fortunate to live only five minutes from Caterpillar's headquarters, where Rob works. He comes home for lunch with his girls almost every day! It is so special for me to see how much he loves Madeline. He's an amazing dad!

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