Friday, August 3, 2007

Madeline "Teradactyl" Vlach

Tuesday was Rob's 29th birthday! Sadly, the poor guy was sick as a dog, so we celebrated this morning instead. Our friends, Erica and Craig, visited from Chicago last weekend with their adorable dog, Guthry. It was a relaxed, quick stay -- we were so grateful they were able to make the trip down with their busy schedules.

Lately, it sounds like we're living with a Teradactyl! Madeline has discovered the sound of her own voice and she loves it! We love it too -- she makes me laugh so hard I get the hiccups (a Wiebmer trait for some unknown reason). We have also discovered that Madeline's fascination with toes doesn't stop with her own! (She goes straight for her mom's red pedicures!). I also couldn't resist posting this silly picture of her wrestling a Coors Light away from Kyle, Andi's boyfriend.

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