Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Edisto Island, South Carolina!

Our little family of four had a magical and romantic nine-day vacation on Edisto Island in South Carolina's Low Country, where all the trees are covered in Spanish moss and our biggest decision was what to have for lunch. My aunt and uncle were very generous to lend us their beautiful beach house a short three-block walk from the Atlantic Ocean. The weather was perfect, and we practically had the entire beach to ourselves every day. We had so much fun, we didn't even mind (much) that someone "borrowed" our credit card numbers to buy video game systems or that our tire blew out.

The first time Madeline explored the beach in Gulf Shores, AL, I was moved to tears observing her two-and-a-half year-old wonder. Charlie was only six-months old at the time, so on this trip, it moved me to tears all over again watching his wide open eyes and excited gasps as he experienced the waves and sand for the first time in his young memory.

The vacation was restorative in every way -- we were all so worn out from full days of shell-hunting, jumping in the waves, walking the beach, building sand castles, strolling for ice-cream, eating seafood and playing on the playground -- that we slept hard and returned home rested and relaxed. We walked everywhere -- now that I'm eight-months pregnant, Charlie and I are moving about the same pace, so it worked out perfectly.
One of the highlights was Easter morning! The bunny knew where to find us, and after opening Easter baskets and hunting for eggs, we went to a service at the Island's gorgeous little white Presbyterian church, built in the 1600's. All the babies wore jon jons, the boys and men had on seer-sucker suits and bow ties, and almost every woman wore pearls and Lily Pulitzer. We dusted beach sand off our legs and hid in the balcony wearing Reefs and North Face, but people actually went out of their way to welcome us warmly.

We loved the shrimp boil Rob made us for dinner one night, with sausage from Savannah, fresh sweet corn, red potatoes and cornbread. And we had our first ever family movie night! The kids loved Milo & Otis about a runaway puppy and kitten -- Charlie cracked us up narrating throughout, saying things like, "Oh no!, " "Oh my gosh!" and "Poor Titty Tat."

Of course we couldn't miss the royal wedding, which was right up Madeline and my alley. When I told Madeline that Kate was a real live princess, she asked me if William was the beast. (Later, when we were watching the Kentucky Derby back in Nashville and Madeline saw all the hats, she asked if someone was getting married!).

Our beach trip ended this Spring's travel spree through the Midwest and the South. Now I'm sticking close to home just in case this baby wants to show up early -- doctor's orders. We're so grateful for each trip and the people we've gotten to visit with over the last two months. As we drove back from South Carolina, I felt a wonderful, tingling sensation...full scale nesting that began with bleaching the refrigerator and sweeping out the garage.We already can't wait for our next family vacation next summer when the newest member of our family is one!


Mollie said...

I love Madeline's comments, "Is William the beast?", and "Is it a another wedding?" referencing the Derby!!!!

Kisses for Kai said...

I love all the pictures! I can almost smell the sea salt. I also love the picture that you wrote in the sand. You deserved this vacation!

Jamie said...

I love reading about your wonderful family vaca... so envious and so happy you all had such an amazing time! You deserve it so much, and I LOVE your new (maternity?) bathing suit!

The Brown Family said...

Love love love this! First off, love your suit! Good find! Nothing compares to a beach vaca, right? Such fun memories for you all.