Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Surprise Shower!

Yesterday, I was kidnapped for the entire afternoon by two my dear friends, Elise and Paige, for the most fabulous surprise baby shower!

When Elise pulled up at my house, I was outside playing in the rain with Madeline and Charlie, wearing comfy Saturday clothes that were perfect for dropping off boxes at Goodwill earlier that morning. It took me several minutes to realize her visit wasn't just a fun drop in to say hello! I ran inside, put on a dress, a sparkly necklace and plugged in my curling iron. After giving my sweet family big hugs and kisses, Elise and I zipped off for a surprise adventure.

We pulled into a fun restaurant, Boxwood Bistro, where my friend Paige was waiting with balloons and a beautifully decorated table. We had a wonderful lunch -- talking and laughing and opening their thoughtful gifts for so long that my friends had to feign restroom visits to secretly call the nail spa and bump our appointments until later!

I felt so pampered when I realized we were getting pedicures. Rob, who the girls had been talking to leading up to the big day, sneaked some of my nail polishes into my purse so I can do touch ups at home (because seriously....what is more important than perfectly pedicured toes in the delivery room?). After a quick detour through TJMaxx Home Goods (heaven), we went to The Puffy Muffin, an adorable local place for decaf lattes and an incredible dessert.

I live for surprises! So to be whisked away by two people who are so special to me was incredible. It felt lovely to slow down and really celebrate the baby that is about to forever our lives in the most wonderful way. I feel blessed beyond compare. Truly.


The Brown Family said...

Meg, you look beautiful! And such wonderful girlfriends you have - that afternoon sounds perfect. Glad you got to relax and enjoy some pampering!

Kisses for Kai said...

What a wonderful idea - I'm so glad that they are taking such good care of you down there!

Chelsea said...

Wow! What a fun day! Such a treat and truly special when shared with great friends. It was fun seeing Paige this week. I'm excited to have her joining me here, but I know she'll miss you tons. Some day we'll all be in the same city again!

You look FABULOUS by the way!! You definitely have the glow!