Monday, May 2, 2011

Visiting Daddy (Insert Happy Squeal!)

My OB appointments are coming fast and furious, and since they're around the corner from Caterpillar's offices in downtown Nashville, the kids get so excited to see their daddy every other week! Rob takes Madeline and Charlie to Krispy Kreme or to the park (now that it's nice out) to feed the ducks for my 45-minute check up. They pick me back up happy, covered in sprinkles and wearing their donut hats.

Two weeks ago, we wiped the chocolate icing off their faces and went into Rob's office to visit daddy's work and meet his new boss. They had a blast, but we quickly scooped them up and ushered them back onto the elevator when Charlie started wildly swiveling in Rob's chair and Madeline starting noticing candy jars on co-workers desks.

I love that even if Rob's had a hard day, he always acts enthusiastic around the kids and conveys how much he enjoys his work. And it's fun connecting the track-type tractors and backhoe loaders that we see alongside the road with the place where daddy goes every day. I often hear Madeline tell Charlie, "Daddy works so hard because he loves us soooo much."


Mollie said...

This actually reminded me of you and I visiting dad at work! They will remember those visits forever!

The Brown Family said...

You've inspired me...I need to get the kids into the city one of these days to visit Erik and wreak some fun havoc at his desk!