Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

My sweet family planned a perfect and relaxing Mother's Day last weekend. Rob wanted me to sleep in, but Charlie had other plans....his little voice is so irresistible in the morning, cuddling and clobbering me awake with his stuffed puppy and  bear, that I turned on the light and finished a book (after Rob sweet-talked him downstairs). A little while later, the house was quiet....everyone burst back in with a Starbuck's latte and a dozen beautiful roses, which Madeline handed to me saying, Happy Mother's Day. It already felt like it couldn't get any better.

We had a nice morning at church, and then went to an adorable southern restaurant in downtown Franklin we had never tried before called Dumplin's. Both kids took naps, which meant Rob and I had some relaxed downtime; when the kids woke up, we all played outside in the beautiful sunshine. After Madeline and Charlie fell asleep that night, Rob made me a delicious dinner -- a new variation of shrimp and grits with fresh sweet corn that tasted like I was truly eating in a private restaurant.
It is such a privilege to be Madeline and Charlie's mom. They are tiny people who I genuinely enjoy spending my time with -- their humor, joy, wonder, sense of adventure and lack of self-conscious inhibitions remind me to enjoy every moment. Even the ones where I'm giving time outs, wiping bums or pouring spilled milk out of my purse.

I always think about my own beautiful mom on Mother's Day too. I credit her loving example with so much of what feels instinctual to me. I'm blessed to be surrounded by other incredible women who guide and nurture, like Ning and Sandie. And I'm fortunate to have a husband who offers praise and encouragement every day as I navigate motherhood....the most important job and honor I'll ever have.


The Brown Family said...

What a lovely mother's day, Meg. Can't get over Charlie in that suit and tie. SO adorable!!!

Chelsea said...

Cute pics! Love little Charlie in his suit. Shrimp and grits? DIVINE!!! Dishes like that really make me miss the south.

Beautiful post. Your mom would be so proud of what a wonderful mother you are!