Monday, May 2, 2011

Whoa Mama!

I was so excited to have my dear friend, Erica, who I've mentioned is a skilled professional photographer, take the most incredible and meaningful maternity photos of me during her recent visit from Chicago. She did my hair and make up, brought gorgeous jewelry for the shoot, and had so many amazing ideas for how to capture my belly during this special time. I love being pregnant (a little scary for my husband since I never want to stop being pregnant) and am so happy to have a tiny bit of the wonder of it all recorded on film for my kids to see one day. We even did a boudoir shoot! I will treasure these shots forever, and since I didn't take pictures with my other pregnancies (okay, full disclosure: Rob and I tried once but there aren't even words for how ridiculous they turned out), this photoshoot represents all three of my sweet babies.

Erica rocked it, standing on ladders, suggesting outfit changes and even taking shots in front of one of my mom's abstract paintings. We laughed until we cried at moments that might otherwise have been embarrassing...but our friendship and Erica's confidence behind the lens made it easy to feel like a suburban Heidi Klum for an hour in Rob's button down shirt. What fun!

Thank you so much, Erica!


Johanna said...

gorgeous photos! You are beautiful!!!

Mollie said...

Beautiful! You look like Hiedi Klum!!

The Brown Family said...

What beautiful photos, you will cherish them!