Thursday, June 7, 2012

34 Fabulous Years!

This year, I had one of the most wonderful birthdays of my life. My amazing husband treated me all day, and I was surrounded by family. Plus, it was the first time I've celebrated a birthday with my three children -- the greatest gifts of all!

I woke up to rain but it quickly turned to sunshine, which makes you appreciate the nice weather even more! We had a fun breakfast at a diner, where the waitstaff stuck a candle in a muffin and sang me a very enthusiastic Happy Birthday. An elderly woman behind us got so excited when she thought it was one of the kids' birthdays, and was considerably unimpressed when she realized it was mine, which totally cracked me up for some reason. I thought the serenade was fabulous! I felt like a five year old at Chuck E. Cheese.
A happy family! (Check out granny and gramps behind us)...
Next we opened gifts -- I received so many special things from the people I love. After an outdoor lunch in a part of town we hadn't explored yet, Rob surprised me with an hour-long massage and some quiet time to stroll with a coffee and window shop.

Rocking our matching hats! Mine was a gift from Mollie. 
That night we had a party! My dad and Ning came over with streamers, hats and banners, and decorated the house with the kids. After a dance party, champagne (grown ups),  hot dogs (children), and birthday cake, we put Madeline, Charlie and John to bed. Then, Rob treated us to an incredible lobster dinner with melted butter and fresh sweet corn. Amazing! Afterwards, Nancy sent us out for a night cap. Rob and I ended up walking to the restored movie theater by our house and having a glass of wine at the bar.

It was the perfect day to start Year 34. I have big plans!
Party animal.
Bring on the bubbly!

Why wouldn't we go get a drink here?


Mollie said...

The perfect birthday!!!!!!

The Brown Family said...

Love that you have big plans! As it should be with every year we turn, right?!? Sounds like you had a really fantastic day - I'm glad!