Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sandbox Hero

Rob worked so hard to build the kids an amazing sandbox. It's big -- 8x4 feet, with bench seating around the edges. The other day, a truck came and emptied a yard of sand into it; the kids have barely stepped out since. Charlie was awake at his regular 5:45am, and by 6am he was dressed and, guessed the sandbox! Madeline built castles (decorating them with flowers and seashells) for two hours before school this morning. John ate so much sand yesterday that I had to go get him a sippy cup to help wash it down.

Just about 15 minutes ago, Charlie said, "Daddy! Thank you for building me a sandbox! I was wishing for a sandbox!" What a great dad! You're our sandbox hero!


Mollie said...

This brought back memories of you and I playing in the sandbox, megs! Remember sand bikinis?

The Brown Family said...

SO cool! My kids loved playing in it this past weekend! How nice that you can see it perfectly from the windows in your den - you might get extra hours of time now!