Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Cowboy John's First Birthday Party

We had a big 'ol party at our dude ranch (um, front yard) to celebrate our little guy's first birthday! It was a blast. We had a great turnout and a fabulous mix of family, old friends that make life good and brand new friends that we've met here in Whitefish Bay. The day was perfect -- hot, but nice in the shade with a breeze.

John was irresistible wearing his smocked jon jon and cowboy hat; he smashed his cupcake with gusto and gave everyone a show. He was most happy sitting on Grandpa Tom's lap eating slice after slice of watermelon. We served Rob's pulled pork sandwiches, which he smoked through the night for 12 hours, with barbecue sauce he made from scratch and homemade sweet tea. I iced my almond cupcakes until 11pm the night before the party. Every child got a hat or bandana when they arrived, and they could decorate a cowboy vest that Aunt Nicki cut out of brown grocery sacks. The country music played and the stick-on mustaches eventually made their way out of their wrappers and onto everyone's faces. Ning even brought a real cowgirl who taught the kids how to rope steer (namely Maple and various guests); she grew up on a ranch out West and had rhinestones in her belt buckle. I put on my cowgirl boots for the party. All the kids were happy as clams splashing in the water, swinging and playing in the sandbox.

We were so touched that several of our dear friends made the trip north with their young children, and thrilled that the Martens could stay the night with us before Craig's sales meeting in Milwaukee the next morning. Rob's family arrived wearing head-to-toe western gear and got right to work. My dad and Ning brought the balloons and ice (what's a first birthday party without a giant cowboy boot mylar?).

It was a party -- one of my favorite ever! Happy birthday, John John!!!



Mollie said...

Sounds like the best party ever! I wish I could have been there!

Ali said...

Wow, looks like little John had a fabulous party! You guys look so very happy!

kristincrook said...

What a wonderful party, and how fun to get to read about it! Anna Claire keeps asking me why Madeline can't just drive down for her birthday party (next Saturday). We miss you!!! Looks like you are doing great!

The Brown Family said...

You guys plan the best parties! So glad we could wish John a happy 1st birthday in person.