Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Note of Love to My Sweet One-Year Old

Baby John Thomas...You turned one three days ago. On the way to the hospital the morning you were born, we watched the sun rise out of our car window as we sped through the dawn like a bullet. It was brilliant and peaceful, bright orange as it popped over the horizon, and I told your daddy between contractions that it was a sign from God.

You are filled with effusive joy, and have such an easy nature, sweet disposition, and playful spirit. I love you so much I think it could crush me. And the kids love you that much too. Today you fell into a basket filled with toys -- your little legs were kicking up in the air. Madeline kissed you all over your face. And the other day while you were napping, I watched Charlie tickle your tummy and toes in a family photograph. You pretend to call DaDa on the phone, you put my giant purple Crocs on your little tiny feet, and I swear you repeated banana today when I offered you some. This afternoon, I looked up while I was folding laundry and you were staring at me from around the corner with a giant grin frozen on your face. I understood immediately that you were inviting me to play! So I dropped what I was doing and the next 15 minutes of peek-a-boo were an absolute delight. When I rock you in my arms at sleepy times, I pause every thought that enters my mind so that I can try to commit your little face to memory -- your long eyelashes and your flushed cheeks from playing all day. We can't get enough of you. I want a thousand of you.

Happy birthday, sweet boy.