Tuesday, June 12, 2012

John's First Steps!

Two weeks ago, John slid his foot forward and took four consecutive steps. Madeline and I were cheering him on like he was the front runner in the Kentucky Derby. He was so proud of himself that he threw his hands over his head. I love the tentative, bow-legged stance he takes while he thinks and thinks about sliding his foot forward. Usually, he takes one step and then plops down to his knees to crawl off like a lightening bolt. But sometimes, he pushes forward on those wobbly knees while we all hold our breath.

Congratulations, John! He's the third of three Vlach kids to "walk" right before his first birthday, and it's truly just as thrilling the third time as it was the first and second!


The Brown Family said...

Yay! Go John go! He's just adorable.

Mollie said...

You should post the video! Its pure bliss! I watched 30 times!