Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Disney on Ice

Mimi's friend, Elizabeth, joined us!
Ning treated us to a magical day at Disney on Ice! The kids believed that all their favorite characters had packed their bags and were visiting Milwaukee from Disney World. I was most surprised by how much I loved it too! It was quite a production -- we could feel snowflakes on our face from our third row seats, and got to shake Minnie Mouse and Cinderella's hands afterwards. I teared up seeing Madeline's reaction when she asked me if the princesses were real; I simply nodded, so happy that she was still at an age when she believed in the magic of it all. Charlie was most impressed by Mr. Incredible and a group of about 50 army guys that came out with the Toy Story set. I forgot my camera, but sweet talked a stranger into emailing me a shot of us from her phone. What a day!

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