Wednesday, March 6, 2013

John's Really Talking!

John's almost 21-months old and talking up a storm. Banana, car, cow and snow; truck, car, choo-choo, and book; phone, blankee, helicopter and yellow. He yells "bye!" to Mimi and Charlie when we drop them off at school, knows most of their friends' names, tells us if he's hot or cold, and what he'd like to eat for breakfast (eggs) or snacks (oranges!). He has certainly mastered "no" and "mine." And with two older siblings, he's picking up the funniest things. He imitates the way Charlie plays superhero with his friends, running from one side of the room to the other saying, "Bad Guy!" I love it when he says "C'mon," "I gotcha" and "I need you." He folds his little hands and says "Amen" at dinner and bedtime (and whenever we finish a book). The biggest surprise off all is when he started pointing out (and pinching!) our "bums!" That really shouldn't be a surprise to me. Baby bums are my favorite and probably not a day has gone by when we don't pay particular attention to his, squeezing it in the bath and talking about how cute it is!

John sure has a lot to say. I can't wait to find out all the little things on his mind as his vocabulary grows!


Unknown said...

Can't wait until the next time I can hear it in person!

The Brown Family said...
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The Brown Family said...

He looks SO big Meg! I LOVE the nakey pic with the slippers. So precious. What is it about baby bums???