Monday, March 18, 2013

Our Little Firefighter Turns Four!

We kicked off Charlie's birthday week at Caterpillar's Mining headquarters for a special day with Papa and Ning! He got to drive a simulated mining truck at the interactive mining museum, pick out his lunch in the Cat cafeteria and eat his pizza in the beautiful Founder's Room, a special conference room for important visitors, which included Charlie that day (John kept pointing at the white-haired men in the oil portraits and saying, "Papa!"). Then he blew out candles on his birthday cake and opened presents. We rounded out the visit with a shopping spree in the Cat Store and got to visit Papa and Ning's offices!

Wednesday was Charlie's real birthday. We ordered Macaroni and Cheese pizza -- his two first loves! -- and opened his cards and family gifts after dinner.
Birthday waffles!
Showing his favorite page to his class
On Thursday, Charlie was Special Person at school, and I was lucky enough to go with him as parent volunteer! The day before, he and I baked three dozen egg-less cupcakes to accommodate an allergy in the classroom; the result was a huge flop, but at least we had fun eating the batter! So on our way to school, we picked up doughnut holes at Dunkin Donuts. Charlie filled his Special Person box with his favorite things from home -- his new Caterpillar videos and a few of his new birthday presents from the night before, including a Spiderman action figure. He had the teachers laughing as he described his toys with the incredible enthusiasm that Charlie is known for!

And finally, Saturday arrived -- his firefighter birthday party! His friends Thomas, George, Richard, Conrad and Gavin met at the Northshore Fire station #4 for a station tour. Afterwards all the little boys and their families came back to our house for miniature pizzas (just the right size for a group of four-year-olds), and homemade firetruck birthday cake with Oreo wheels, licorice hoses and red chewy headlights and sirens.

I can hardly believe my sweet, affectionate, imaginative, generous and hilarious little boy has been in our lives for four years already. Or that he has big feet, a mouthful of teeth and thinks toots are funny. I still remember how he was born fist-first, like Superman, and now he loves to play Superheros as many hours as there are in a day. My little boy left for preschool today dressed head to toe in his firefighter gear; he sings Zippidy-doo-da to himself while he colors in his underwear. He's brimming with life and personality; not a day goes by when he doesn't make me belly laugh.

We love you, Charlie!
His family birthday party cake
Blowing out candles at his birthday party!
Climbing on firetruck at Station #4
Every kid sprayed a hose from a small pump
The interactive Mining museum
Driving a simulated mining truck.
Baking cupcakes for his class.
Macaroni 'n Cheese Pizza? Charlie's nirvana!
The special person gets to be the wizard!
Charlie taps each child's foot; then it's time to play!

He came into the world Superman-style!

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The Brown Family said...

Amazing! Happy Birthday to Charlie! Was so fun to see him in person just prior to his special day. I bet he had SO much fun.