Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Mimi at Lego Club

Every Wednesday in January, Madeline went to Lego Club after school in the Great Hall with 40 other kindergartners. It took a couple of times for her to get into it -- she's never played with anything but the jumbo Legos meant for very young children. But by the end she really enjoyed it! I got to volunteer on the final Wednesday and watch her quietly build a horse stable. Being a fly on the wall and watching her flit around with her friends was such a joy.

Next up, my friend Lucy and I are working on starting a Daisy Troop for the K5 girls!
She built a horse stable.
Our table included three little boys from her class.
Madeline with a high school volunteer from Key Club


Mollie jackson said...

That horse stable is very impressive!!!

The Brown Family said...

We love Legos over here too. You would make a great Daisy troop leader Meg!