Friday, December 5, 2014

A Train Ride to Meet St. Nick

Rob took Madeline and Charlie on a special adventure to meet Saint Nicholas! They rode on a restored steam train through the beautiful Luxembourg countryside from Petange to Fond-de Gras, eating candy the whole way home. The excursion sells out months in advance, but I was able to find a three tickets for sale on an expat web board.

Over here, the St. Nicholas celebrations (Kleechen in Luxembourgish!) on December 6 are an even bigger deal than Christmas! The kids received special gifts at school, and St. Nick has been making appearances around town for weeks. We even had our own St. Nick celebration, a tradition we picked up when we lived in Wisconsin. Since Halloween and Thanksgiving are American holidays and aren't celebrated here, the Christmas season ramps up in my absolute delight!

St. Nick chez Vlach

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