Saturday, December 13, 2014

St. Lucia, St Nick, Santa, Tinsel (the elf) and More....

It was another fabulous Christmas season!

St. Lucia Day
We loved celebrating St. Lucia Day again this year! Judging by how much the kids enjoy it and look forward to it, I think our new tradition may stick!

The kids baked Lussekatter, which are S-shaped St. Lucia buns. IKEA provided the Swedish meatballs and pepparkakor since it's only 15 minutes away in Belgium. With Bitsy only five weeks old, we've been simplifying all our fun projects.

Madeline wore her new white dress with a red sash and candle crown, and the boys eagerly got into their Starboy gear. We listened to Andrea Botticelli sing Santa Lucia while the kids delivered the buns and cookies. Funny how much preparation goes into a 20-second procession. But it's worth it!
Elizabeth was a part of the St. Lucia tradition this year!
Our interpretation of St. Lucia buns, using what we already had in the kitchen
Santa Claus Came to Town
We were delighted that Santa found us in Lux! The American Women's Club organized a holiday party at the clubhouse. John kept giving half-nibbled cookies to Santa (he accumulated a stash behind his seat) and photobombing all the families who were trying to take pictures with Santa. As my good friend, Kristine, said, "Santa in Lux be skinny."

The kids donated part of their allowance to buy gifts for children in need

Tinsel the Elf Visits!
For the last several years, we've had a special visitor during Christmastime! The kids named our elf Tinsel, and this year, he was with us for a looooong time -- the kids wrote him heartfelt notes begging him to come early, so he made his appearance before Thanksgiving. He got into the doll clothes, jumped into the glass lollipop container, and made himself a superhero cape!

Lots of Other Christmas Fun

Every night before bed, we made tea and sat under the Christmas tree for story time. I daydream about my kids continuing this tradition with their kids. There's a magic to it that I just adore. Here are some of the other fun things we did during the holiday season:
We were so touched by all the dear friends who sent our family gifts to celebrate Bitsy
Bitsy came to several Christmas parties with us!
Charlie had a darling program at school
He decorated a "Christmas jumper"

Madeline and I took a selfie while we ice skated in Place Guillome

St. Nick visited on Dec. 6 and filled everyone's shoe (even Bitsy's!)

Dance Party!!
Bouche de Noel
Sandie made a stocking for Elizabeth to add to the special collection

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