Saturday, December 6, 2014

The Christmas Markets!

It's Christmas in Luxembourg! The Christmas markets have popped up all over Europe and we had so much fun visiting our charming market right here in downtown Lux, just a few minutes from our house. We checked out the lights at night, and came back on St. Nick's day for a festive lunch. There were merry-go-rounds, accordions, school choirs, foie gras spaetzle, gromperekichelcher (potato pancakes), Mettwursct (Luxembourgish sausage), a giant Ferris wheel, hot cocoa (like melted chocolate in a mug), Santa hats, fondue, schneeballenträume (giant "snowball" donut-like things) and giant licorice stings (which the kids bought with their allowances).

How could we not love it? Everywhere we went, people wanted to peek at Elizabeth -- it's such a small, friendly community here.
Cotton candy & a merry-go-round blew their minds
Traditional potato pancakes

Grammy was still here for our first visit!

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