Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas in Lux!

Classic Christmas Picture 2015
Andi, Kyle and Ben posed for the hat picture from Bloomington, IL
We had a European Christmas this year -- it was filled with family and so much joy! For starters, sweet Little Elizabeth was in the world, and she got to meet so many people who love her -- a true Christmas blessing! On top of that, Mollie, Kenny, sweet Evie, my dad and Ning flew all the way across the ocean to celebrate with us! It was so exciting waiting in the airport to pick up the Jacksons!

I asked the kids to tell me their favorite parts of Christmas this year, and here are a few things that they said:
  • Dancing to fun Christmas carols with Aunt Mollie and Evie
  • Lobster-eating! 
  • Jumping in the mud puddles on Christmas Eve with Poppa and Aunt Mollie
  • Playing soccer with Uncle Kenny!
  • Going to the Christmas markets
  • Wearing funny Christmas hats
  • Reading Christmas stories by the tree every night with tea and biscuits
  • Finding Skittles in Ning's purse!
Mollie and I snuck out to the Christmas market
The Jacksons arrive!!!!!
Ice skating in Place Guillome near the palace
Christmas Eve lobster!
Christmas pjs!
Nap time
Rob adores little Evie. We all do!!!
This moment encapsulated one of the kids favorite parts of the Jackson's visit
We went out for crepes and vin chaud in the Place d'Armes.
Hard to say good bye!
Bitsy meets Ning!
Poppa meets Bitsy and asks Madeline if she's married yet...
Uncle Kenny observed Madeline make a killer grilled cheese
Evie was so sweet and gentle with Elizabeth
Cousin art projects
We cooked lovely meals most nights after the kids went to bed
Mollie and Kenny are here! (We posted this on facebook to let family know they arrived safely)
Christmas carol dance party!
Charlie adored taking care of Evie

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