Monday, March 23, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday, Madeline May!

Little Miss Madeline is two years old! Or, as she would say, "I six!" Leading up to her birthday, when I would explain that she was actually two, she would compromise and say, "Okay. I five." She finally acquiesced and now declares that she's two when asked. Last Thursday, Rob came home from work with flowers, an Elmo balloon and a cookie with M&Ms ("em-ee-ems!") for his little girl! He sure knows the way to her heart. Mads and I sang Happy Birthday all day along ("Again! Again! Again!") so that I was horse by the evening.

On Saturday, to celebrate with some of her friends, we had a tea party in honor of Princess Mimi (Ning's nickname for her since she was born). We put on our party dresses, as did most of our guests! We had hats, white gloves, mini purses and lots of costume jewelry at the door when people arrived. It was a beautiful day, and we nibbled on sugar cookies, cupcakes, sweet tea and mimosas (just the grown ups, of course!). I watched as Madeline's little fingers streched up to the cupcake platter over and over again as she licked the frosting and went back for more. And you know what? Why not! It was her birthday!

I was struck by how much Madeline enjoyed being the center of attention. She danced her funny erratic dance to the music, ran laps around the house, ripped open her presents with glee and joyfully shared her toys (yes, a two-year-old sharing!) with her friends. It occurred to me that I was witnessing her innate personality -- outgoing, exuberant, sweet -- and that she was truly enjoying herself! What a joy!

Two years have flown by. Cradling Charlie in my arms reminds me of holding Madeline when she was only a month old -- a little helpless, sweet newborn bundle. Happy Birthday, little girl! We love you!

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Chelsea said...

What a fun and fancy event! The perfect way to celebrate being two!! You and Rob look fantastic too.