Monday, March 23, 2009

A Special Visit from Aunt Andi

My sister Andrea came to town last weekend, and boy did we have fun! Madeline just loves her Aunt Andi (and so do I!). It was so wonderful to have another pair of hands, and Andi's energy and enthusiasm was a perfect match for Madeline's exuberance. It was so fun to watch them together. Andi, who will graduate with a nursing degree in two months, was also wonderful with Charlie, peacefully holding him for hours and giving me lots of breaks. In fact, I even went to a salon for a haircut! But by far, the most fun was the birthday party we had a few days early so we could all celebrate together. Madeline immediately draped herself head to toe in the dress ups that Ning sent (from the clip-on earrings right down to the feathered "high heels"), and just loved all the art crafts that Andi gave her, including an apron that they decorated together with fabric markers! We can't wait for Andi's next visit in April when she's in Nashville for a nursing convention. Here are some more fun pictures from our weekend...

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